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Colourful overlap

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I spotted this sign, or I should really say signs just last week and on the side of a house I have passed so many times. Who knows why I haven’t seen it before!
It is on Lutterworth Road Leicester close to the junction with Middleton Street.
There are quite a few advertisements painted here and more painted on top only to be revealed as they are as the paint decays.
I can see Picture Post, Capstan cigarettes, Wills’s Star cigarettes and maybe one more on the top left but I haven’t figured that out yet.
It’s one of the most colourful ghost signs I’ve seen blue, red and yellow overlapping, so large too.DSCN2466


When transport was horse drawn

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When transport was horse drawn

Here is another faded sign in the Fosse Road North area.
This one is just along the road from Beatrice Road in Battenbergh Road.
Tucked away up the little side street are some buildings where horses were stabled.
I wonder why they advertised the sables, can only be to increase business I guess.

A Vintage Shop Sign

I spotted this old shop when I had parked up along Beatrice Road the day I took the photo of the ghost sign in the previous post.

The shop bears a sold sign so could soon be modernised and the hand signwritten shop front will be gone for good.

It looks fairly undecayed so I wonder if it has been recently uncovered.

The phone number displayed there has been out of date since the area code changed in 1995 so it has to be much older than that.

An interesting spot I was glad to have stumbled upon.

Beatrice Road Leicester

Beatrice Road Leicester

Ghost Sign Revealed

Ghost Sign Revealed

The billboard covering this ghost sign was blown off the wall during the winter storms in Feb 2014. The storms uncovered this painted sign unseen perhaps for decades on the corner of Beatrice Road & Fosse Rd North Leicester.